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Personalized Name Tape Generator

Design and order your own personalized Name Tapes!

Made in the USA

My Name Tape Preview
Northern Safari
Please note that this image is for demonstrative purposes only and the colors may not match 100%.

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* Required Step 1: Select Name Tape Size

6": 17 Characters (+Optional Logo)
5": 13 Characters (+Optional Logo)
4": 12 Characters
3.5": 11 Characters
2": Blood Type Only
Need more? Tell us in the shipping instructions when you go through the order process.

* Required Step 2: Choose Name Tape Color

* Required Step 3: Choose Attachment Type

Step 4: Add Logo (5" and 6" Name Tape Only)

Can't find what you want? Email Us!


Required Step 5: Tape Orientation

Selecting "vertical" will rotate the text and logo in the tape so its up to down instead of left to right. Vertical name tapes have a max of 8 characters.

Step 6: Text to be Embroidered

(Max 13 Characters)

(Max 13 Characters)

Items will be embroidered EXACTLY as typed in box, so please double check your order!

Leave blank if you would like no text

Step 7: Select Embroidery Color

* Required Step 8: Choose Quantity

Price: $6.49

* Required